About Us

Whether you are a candidate looking for an exciting career opportunity or a client needing to fill a gap with a great candidate, we hope you find that our service, professionalism and passion exceeds any standards you have previously experienced within this industry.
Please take a look around to find out more about us, our offer, and how we can assist you. We hope you find the information you want on this site, and are compelled to return.

Mission statement

To understand client needs and to offer a professional service that is interactive, knowledgeable, personal, and friendly. The service must connect quality candidates to quality clients. Honesty and integrity to be core to each of these criterion.

Our History

Candidate Connect is a Cape Town based recruitment consultancy, with core focus being Financial Markets (Asset Management, Investment Banking, Private Banking, Life)

Started in 2000, with the core objective (at the time) of bringing South Africans home from abroad. The initial concept was to channel these candidates into SA recruitment agencies who we felt were best positioned to meet their career aspirations.

This concept evolved rapidly, and in 2001, Candidate Connect transitioned into a full service recruitment consultancy working directly with clients, primarily in the Cape Town market. Throughout this transition, our goal remained constant – to link high calibre candidates to the right company, at the right time, for the right job. And that remains our core focus today as we strive to integrate candidates career aspirations with their passions, right here in Cape Town !

We are celebrating our 16th birthday in 2016. As with many 16 year olds, we have heaps of energy, we have views, we are willing to explore better and different ways of doing things. We thank our clients and candidates for all the support over the years, and we remain deeply committed to keeping the personal touch that has got us to where we are today. Offering a personal touch remains core to our philosophy going forward.

And that’s our history so far…