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Retained Search / Executive Search product offering

Posted by | January 18, 2018 | News

To our clients : Candidate Connect has opened a Retained Search  desk for rare and hard to find roles. 

Why Retained Search?

Retained Search is an important ingredient within a recruitment product mix. Knowing when to use it to uncover best talent can save clients considerable time and money (vs the potential costs / risks associated with leaving key roles unfilled, or the potential costs / risks of hiring the wrong person where delivery is impacted).

The framework within which the Retained Search model operates is well aligned to uncovering the best talent in the market, through focus and commitment from both client and agency to the process.  Additionally, the client financial commitment to retained search is the key variable / differentiator that unlocks the door to enable the agency to invest time and resources in an in-depth search, something the contingency recruitment model can never replicate.

Retained Search is most effective for high level executive positions (Senior Director to C-Level) and/or hard to find talent where a specific and exceptional skillset is required for the role.  Retained search works on the principle that high-calibre; high-performing professionals are normally concentrating on the challenges of their present organisation. Retained Search is a proactive methodology primarily targeting the “passive” candidates already working in a similar position for another company, and unlikely to respond to traditional talent acquisition methods like job postings.  In this sense, your Retained Search Consultant acts more like a member of your marketing department, connecting with highly sought after talent to engage their interest in your position and company.  This most often results in the client finding the best and most uniquely qualified talent for their critical position as well as an enhancement of the client’s employer brand in the competitive marketplace.

Recruiters involved in Retained Search are generally more experienced and better trained than other recruiters. This assists at every step of the search process – whether engaging a passive candidate, understanding if the person is suited to a position, negotiating with the candidate around an offer or selling the company to the candidate. We see this process as a perfect opportunity to market our client’s brand, and we do so consistently throughout the process when engaging our candidates (acting as a brand ambassador) to enhance the candidate experience for our clients.  At each step, working with an experienced recruiter is beneficial to enhancing the ability to secure the best possible candidates (to our clients) for a position.

Our Retained Search Solution – 100% transparent

Candidate Connect has developed a Retained Search model that is 100% Transparent.  The Transparency “mantra” integrates into every level of our approach, enabling a more evolved and innovative solution than the traditional Retained Search model allows. The beneficial impacts of Transparency at the core of our approach, and how it translates to you the client, can be summarized in 2 key points:

Flat fee pricing you can trust: Flat fee pricing enables accurate budgeting, eliminates any budget unknowns. And by de-coupling our fees from the candidate’s package, we eliminate the conflict-of-interest of percentage-based fees, where inflated candidate salaries earn the search agency a higher fee. You will not have to wonder about our loyalty. Every retained search engagement entails drawing up a proposal communicating our fee and approach. This is based on the requirements and difficulty of the search.  Clients know exactly what a search will cost from the beginning. No surprises. Fully transparent

Research you can use:  We hand over all the candidate research in line with this transparency mantra. Sharing the candidate research builds trust, informs strategy, and makes for a more effective partnership. We believe in giving our clients more for the money,   and it also serves as a comprehensive audit trail for every search engagement.  Our clients can even use the research to make additional hires at no additional cost, something traditional retained search firms never allow.

Please contact Mike (, 021 461 9595) for more insight into our approach re Retained Search.