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Our Offer

Candidate Connect offers Retained Search, Contingency Recruitment, and Project based recruitment. Core sectors include:

a) Financial Services sector
Asset management (Long only and Hedge funds); Investment Banking (Corporate Finance / Private Equity / Specialized Finance); Private Banking / Wealth Management; Employee Benefits

b)  Commercial sector 

c) IT & Digital 

Candidate Connect is best positioned to source C-Suite to mid-level head office roles, both within South Africa and Internationally. International placements include UK, The Netherlands, Cayman Islands, Mauritius. Ability to place in other territories on demand, client driven.

We Connect Deeper

We are not your average agency and we don’t want you to have an average agency experience with us. You may be a longstanding client, potential client or old friend looking for a high calibre candidate for your team. We hope our passion, intuitiveness and keenness to understand you and your company’s needs will be the breath of fresh air you’re seeking. Finding the right candidate is not just about skills and experience. The secret lies in cultural fit and connecting passions.

Candidates may be among your most expensive assets, the life-blood of your business, so it’s important to get it right first time.

The knowledge we build on our candidates – their passions, their drives, their motivations, their interests, their track record etc – completes one side of the equation. The other side is you, your company, your needs. To fit the puzzle effectively we encourage a partner philosophy. The more you offer, the better we can perform, the stronger the likely fit, the greater the candidate value to the team, the longer he/she is likely to stay (and importantly the less the risk on this expensive asset). It’s a team effort.

Other Benefits (of partnering with us)

  • Powerful database and industry networks– The core of the database comprises highly qualified candidates who are professional, smart and mobile. Many of these candidates have since evolved to become our clients.
  • Cultural fit, connecting passions – we strive to understand our clients and candidates better than anyone else with the intention of placing the candidates that match company culture and passions, as well as the more traditional areas of skills and experience.
  • Intensive interview screening – we screen our candidates thoroughly. We listen to their skills, probe their experience, question their motives, understand their underlying culture, and use our experience to determine their emotional intelligence.
  • Save you time – as a quality client you deserve to see quality candidates. Because we understand our client needs so well, and screen intensively, we are able to recommend only quality candidates to our clients.
  • Credit, criminal, reference, academic checks – we run a number of checks, customised to suit your needs.

If you are looking to employ South Africans, whether inside of South Africa or for International employment or assignments,  please liaise with Mike (