Job title: Recruitment Assistant - Research and Data
Employment type: Contract
Experience: 3 years
Salary: Negotiable
Salary Type: Basic + Commission
Job published: 21 March 2021
Job reference no: 1343872922

Job Description

Candidate Connect is a well established Cape Town based recruitment agency. Small team, collaborative environment, professional, knowledgeable, with  exceptional ethics and integrity core to our values.    

We are looking for a smart university graduate - detailed, inquisitive, research driven, data-centric, candidate-centric, and....with a business owner mindset, let me explain.... 

Working closely with the recruitment consultant(s), this support role will energize our candidate search and data accumulation hub.

The role involves:

  • Core candidate search, core candidate interaction focus i.e. understanding roles and finding suitable candidates (through social media platforms, through ads, through networks, through friends etc).
  • Assessing potential candidates for possible suitability. Engaging them. Thorough screening of them (passion is in the detail),  recommending some for roles, adding them to database, keeping the database updated and relevant,  consistent communication with the candidates, managing their  expectations, keeping them informed.
  • Being totally client centric, whilst at the same time being totally data -centric (accurately updating the database at each step).    The role requires hours and hours of screen time, searching in different ways to find suitable candidates (immersing oneself in this research). This role takes dedication and resilience.  And this role takes detail to ensure that your work done today can be used for today or for the future (via everyday accurate database inputting).      

This is an owner driven business, and requires a support person able to align 100% with the risks a business owner takes i.e. benefit from the successes, and also absorb the  knocks when not successful.   As such, the remuneration structure we offer is geared to favour those who are willing to take some risk, in return for financial reward. What this means is that your guaranteed salary will be light, far lighter than what may be considered normal for a smart grad.  The reward on the other hand will be good, far better than what you'd normally expect for someone at the start of their career. This risk /reward structure will suit some, and won't suit others, and that's fine.  Those who it will suit are those able / keen to take this risk (like a business owner does), back themselves to be successful and then benefit from the success (like a business owner does), and be willing to absorb the knocks (like a business owner does). Successes and failures will be financially aligned, as it is for a business owner.  

The better you are in your role - of finding and engaging candidates, the more chance the team has of delivering suitable candidates on our roles, the more chance of placement success, the more rewarding this role will be (financially and excitement wise).  There are the normal office hours of course, however recruitment work is often pressured work with tight timings and many competitors chasing the same business, so (like having one's own business), working at odd hours and/or over weekends at times may be needed to give you the success you'd want from this role.  

For the right person who is passionate, detailed,  willing to put in the hard yards, social media savvy, and super-resilient (lots of highs and lows), then you may be at the start of an exciting journey.   

The role will require office time - working closely with the consultant(s), feeding off the energy, accessing the database, learning recruitment.  Initially via a  hybrid model of part office (with strict covid protocols), part home and slowly moving towards a full time office culture.  

This is a 4 month fixed-term contract role initially. No promises, but add the right value, bring the right level of passion and commitment, and this door may open wider.    

Please include your cv, together with and a short letter of motivation (why you feel you are well suited to this role) as part of your application