Job title: Investment Sales (M&A)
Employment type: Full Time
Experience: 3 to 5 years
Salary: Negotiable
Salary Type: Cost to Company
Job published: 24 March 2021
Job reference no: 3133296334

Job Description

Boutique M&A team, seeks an Investment Sales resource to Call / Engage "Target" companies. "Target" companies being those identified by your researchers as companies who may benefit by acquiring your clients business.   

Some background for insight....your client  may  have a business to sell.  A Research Analyst then identifies relevant "targets". Targets are companies that may "benefit" from buying the seller. Benefits can be in different ways - as examples, it could be a company that sees value in the sellers client list, or a company that sees value in the sellers distribution channel, or an international company wishing to break into the SA market and feels that buying into the sellers company may give them a good platform into the market. 

The researcher then provides good info / "the script" for this Investment sales resource to Call (contact) the Target company. The investment sales person takes it forward - calls the target company, gets through/around the gatekeeper, engages the CEO, assesses if there is any interest in growth via acquisition, with intention to bring the 2 parties to the table for an initial discussion. This role is about the initial calls (the "icebreaker"), the technical detail of a deal is handled by a more senior dealmaker resource.

Experience working with entrepreneurs is a plus.

Your specific duties as an Investment Sales resource will include:

  • Possess a working knowledge of the project, the client’s business and requirements of your client as the seller
  • Attend and contribute to think tank sessions and work with the transaction team to assist the Transaction Leader to prepare categories of a targeted acquirers list
  • Calling: Understand and confidently communicate the benefits of an acquisition opportunity to Executives and Decision Makers of all researched companies, by adopting a consultative approach with the aim of getting a signed Non-Disclosure Agreement or relevant market feedback on behalf of our client and internal team, after presenting brief details of the opportunity to potential acquirers by phone and written correspondence
  • Generate call statistics for presentation and discussion with the client and Transaction Leader periodically
  • Communicate effectively between clients, prospects and Transaction Leaders, relaying all relevant communication to those concerned. 
  • Conduct discussions with potential private equity investors and companies, to record and distribute acquisition criteria appropriately
  • Provide leadership to others through example and sharing of knowledge/skill

Being sales in nature, this role requires a a highly energetic and passionate individual with a positive and highly motivated ‘can do’ attitude. You must have the strong desire and ambition to succeed, tenacity and resilience being key ingredients. It is also vital that you possess excellent verbal and written communication and interpersonal skills to C-suite level executives. Good listening skills, with quick comprehension of information gleaned through telephone conversations would be highly beneficial, as would ability to change an intended approach and be agile in responding during telephonic conversations. 

 A university degree with 3-5 years in a sales / client role in Investments (M&A /Similar) is essential.