Make your next step your biggest leap forward!

We Connect Deeper ~

There is so much more than a job to consider, it’s the bigger picture – your career growth. We get it. We hope to assist you achieve this.

We are not your average agency and we don’t want you to have an average agency experience with us. It’s not about a job, it’s about your career. We interact, we’re professional, we’re passionate. We understand the value in building long term relationships. Life is for living. It is too short to be stuck in an unsuitable job. If you have the passion for the role, life becomes easier, clearer, more positive and more fun. We hope to assist you achieve this. Our partner philosophy ensures that candidates become our friends and our clients ultimately.

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Benefits of Partnering Us

List of high quality clients – This ensures the roles we have will, in all probability, hold high interest for potential candidates.

Strong client relationships – we have spent much of the last 18 years building strong relationships with our clients, being a preferred supplier to their team in many situations. This makes it easier for you when you enter into the process as one of our candidates.

Career management – we look at opportunities to suit your career path and manage your career on an ongoing basis to help you achieve your goals and dreams.

CV preparation (and tips) – your CV works for you 24 hours a day. It has ability to both open and close doors for you. We have an experienced team capable of offering tips and advise through each process – from style / layout, to length, to key information, and more. We also use recommended formats, aligned to the client need.

Interview preparation (and tips) – Interview time is make or break. The client is looking for an ideal candidate for their organisation. How can you be that ideal candidate from the many they see. We have an experienced team capable of offering tips and advise through each process – from preparation, to your focus, to assessing the mood, to answering the questions appropriately, and more. We do our bit, then it’s up to you !