Testimonials ~

Client: Financial Services

Having engaged Candidate Connect, under an Exclusive Mandate, for the sourcing of a junior analyst to join our Private Equity team, we were thrilled to receive a number of very high-quality candidates within days of submitting our job description. We were able to efficiently select the preferred candidates for interviews and within three weeks from starting the process had made an offer which was accepted. The focused commitment received from the Candidate Connect team saved us an immense amount of valuable time and enabled us to bring on board a high calibre resource.

Following the positive experience enjoyed above, we decided to provide Candidate Connect with a further Exclusive Mandate to source the CFO for one of our portfolio companies, in the manufacturing sector, based in Durban. A very different proposition from that of hiring a junior analyst in Cape Town. Yet again Candidate Connect sourced high-quality candidates within a tight time-frame and we were able to secure the services of our preferred candidate within three weeks of initiating the process.

Not only have we experienced a top-quality service from Candidate Connect, but the ease of having to deal with only one service provider, who efficiently gets on with sourcing, screening and arranging the logistics of interviews, made our lives significantly easier and absorbed far less of our valuable time than should we have engaged a multitude of service providers.

Client: Commercial Sector

I would just like to thank you again for helping us find Juanita - she is wonderful! She is sooo hardworking, smart and a joy to have on the team. She has honestly achieved more in a month on our talent management projects, than what our management team could do in a year! :) Thank you also for the incredibly supportive way in which you approach your clients' recruitment process. Nothing was ever too much, and you checked in so often, making me feel remarkably supported. Service like this is rare nowadays! Wishing you all the best, and I hope we can work together again soon.

Candidate: Financial Services

I must commend you on your great service. It's rare to have a recruitment consultant treat you like they're providing you a service. They usually treat you as though they're doing you favour and you should be at their mercy for assisting you in finding a job. Just so you know that it didn't go unnoticed.

Candidate: Commercial Sector

“Thanks for all your effort and hard work, I have received an extremely high level of service and professionalism, and very glad that I dealt with Candidate Connect as my agency. Thanks too for thinking “out the box” for me. This role is different, great and challenging, and I am enjoying every minute of it”

Candidate: Financial Services

Thanks guys! I reiterate my opinion that you are a top caliber agency and I would not hesitate to support you in my new role if the opportunity presents itself. You treat both your clients and your candidates (especially) with the utmost respect and professionalism and I’m pleased to have stumbled across you. Don’t be scarce!”

Client: Financial Services

Thanks again! As I mentioned you continue to hit the ball out the park with the quality and suitability of candidates you give us - great job.

Client: Marketing

You are by far the most professional and efficient agency we have ever dealt with! And thanks for finding us such a special resource. We think she will fit in perfectly!

Candidate: Consulting and Technology Company

Thanks again for all your help! This has been the most comfortable, easy interview process I have ever gone through! You’ve set the bar really high!

Candidate: Financial Services

Thanks for the lovely message and for thinking of me!  Thanks for professionally setting up my interviews and giving me the opportunities to be interviewed with some really great Companies and the opportunity of employment.